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Featured work: Clearing, 2008 (mixed media, 72" x 36")

I was thinking about a number of different things while working on Clearing (as tends to happen with many of my paintings!)… This piece was intended to be about the moment when, after walking for ages with your head down… concentrating on the path, you suddenly realize you've broken through the trees - and there's the sunlight - the sky, the view. It's about that moment of clarity (whether you've been walking through trees or not), when things start to make sense.

This painting was commissioned and hangs in a private residence in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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My name is Susan Stephen

and Window Box Art & Design is the result of my lifelong obsession with paint and paper

…manifesting itself into an inventive, independent graphic design and art studio.

I invite you to explore the examples of my paintings, illustration and graphic design work here in their online home. I would love to hear from you if you think my work may have a place in your future.

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